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New year new start....

2010-01-14 04:39:19 by emo-life

Well shit has happend, i got kicked out of school and in the time in waiting for a new school i have taken up chibi/anime so check my first look-at-able drawing in my art page
also add me up on PSN cerebrusmk2

general stuff

2009-08-24 04:56:14 by emo-life

while since i posted,
i just about to get drum mikes woop and my ps3 has been online for a while now i got lbp orange box and bad company- gonna get mag and bf bc 2 maybe some others but i got too little cash to but shitloads of games
u want drum noise n shit ask me
add me - CEREBRUSMK2-

games console

2009-01-19 13:09:45 by emo-life

just got a ps3 with LBP , CoD 5 , R&C pirate , assasins creed and only one controller and im looking for advice for good games that are under 18 but 15s ect are fine and a way to get cheap DS3 controllers other than ebay or amazon or once i get it online game requests


2008-12-10 15:33:11 by emo-life

i have good ideas but noone to publish them or design them also im now ready to recieve any requests for drum music that sounds real unlike damned computer software( well cheap stuff anyways)
im making a new acount not rlly sure why but i wanted a new name pls i cant decide so comment and u choose
its between:


2008-10-31 17:27:32 by emo-life

edit:emtpy just wanted rid of the add (damned newgrounds using my account for ads and profits!)